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Ashka Lowman

Ashka Lowman is an internationally recognised published artist working with The Art Group, Pyramid International and Image By Design.

She paints acrylic on canvas with her style and use of light and colour strongly influenced by her travels and life experience.

After her graduation, she started travelling abroad and like a sponge began to soak up different cultures, smells and sounds. She immersed herself in new and exciting environments, enjoying a splash of colour from the Caribbean and the elegant movement and passionate spirit of Latin America. She started to share these experiences with others in the best way she knew how, through her art, and after getting married in 2004 she settled in England, the source of so much of her inspiration.

Ashka sees her palette as an unlimited, never-ending rainbow of possibilities. Her subjects are often women within differing environments of colour, light and texture creating artwork to evoke people's imagination. She creates an atmosphere for the onlooker to be part of and experience through the curiosity of their own imagination, concentrating on a woman's beauty, her elegance, her mystery and even her naked innocence, perhaps for that one moment, caught in time for us all to share.

St. Lucia, Caribbean

St. Barts, Caribbean

Ash Gallery, Essex. England

Ashka with Barbara's portrait

Westcliff Arts Trail, 2010

Coach Works Art Gallery, 2012


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